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Do you have a terrific imagination? Does your imagination run wild? Do you want to make a living using the power of your imagination?

If you are creative in visual and intellectual ways, this may set you apart from most other people. Yet, rest assured that you are not the only one, you are not alone.

One great career field where creative individuals can make a living is in the area of advanced digital graphics, game design and computer animation.

The world of role playing games, video games, computer games and phone-based games has grown at a rapid rate this past decade, which opens up plenty of room for innovative and creative minds to enter this field to create and build characters, plots, stories and designs that developers can successfully sell to a voracious consumer market.

The video game industry has surpassed the popularity of both books and movies, proving that it is a viable industry to get into. This industry demands fresh minds and ideas.

The numbers of users keeps rising as games achieve popularity on the Internet or on more traditional vehicles such as Nintendo and Playstation.

So while all of these consumers are spending their cash on games, where is this profit ending up? A portion of this revenue is going into the checking accounts of those who have a computer animation or other similar degree. This degree is a cutting edge credential that can get your foot in the door when it comes to this exciting and fast-paced industry.

From conceptual art to digital basics to advanced computer commands, students learn everything they will need to know in order to get their foot in the door and get started as a professional in the gaming world.

And it's not just about games of role playing or virtual video games either. A computer animation diploma can be critical to anyone who wants to work in the entertainment industry as a digital artist.

Perhaps the shining example of this is Pixar, one of the leading companies in the race for the most popular and most successful feature length animation creators. Originally picked up and supported by the Disney Corporation, Pixar is now a powerhouse on its own, developing classic movies with characters and stories that will be cherished by young people for generations to come.

Just as Walt Disney amazed the world back then with Snow White and that movie's innovative art at the time, Pixar is just as effectively winning over young hearts with incredible computerized creations such as Woody and Nemo.

So you need to find a school in your area, or move to where the closest college is. Here are some options:

One downfall to pursuing a computer animation degree is that you have to be good at it. The best jobs might be limited and the amount of new student interest is only growing, so popular companies have the option of selecting only those candidates with not only the best education but with top talent as well.

Just as a study painter must be pretty excellent and have a sales aspect in order to have his artwork sold regularly, a computer graphics designer must be exceptional in both the skills of his craft and in his college and degree in order to work with the top companies.

How can you get yourself in the front of the line for your dream job? The first trick is to learn all you need to know. Work hard to study characters and plots, develop your artistic skills, build your computer software skills, and look into help forums where you can get ideas from other students and new, aspiring computer graphics animators.

The candid criticism and assistance combined with the perfect anonymity of the web will help you improve your skills in a trial effort atmosphere. This may also help you figure out which area of the industry you want to get into and refine your idea of what the industry wants before you actually start working in it.

Of course, earning and actual bachelor's degree will help you as well. Formal education is the key to getting through many doors no matter what your industry is, and this is also true in animation as it is one of the most effective and most thorough ways to learn.

A job in the animation business can be exciting and rewarding, not to mention that it can also pad your checking account. So take the important and vital first step of researching and exploring what it really takes to be a success in this industry and then get serious about working towards it.

The animation industry is waiting for your innovative ideas, work and perspective. Consider starting off on your journey toward an animation degree today.







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